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Born in Canada in 1958, Alison studied there, in France and in Britain, obtaining a BA (Honours) in Fine Art in 1980.

In 1982, she came to Scotland to undertake postgraduate studies at Edinburgh College of Art, and has made Scotland her home.

In 1989, Alison was elected a member of the Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolours (RSW) and in 1997 was elected President of the then Society of Scottish Artists and Artist Craftsmen (now Visual Arts Scotland).

Twice a recipient of the Elizabeth T Greenshields Foundation Scholarship, she was most recently shortlisted for the Noble Grossart Painting Prize in 1998, and received the Alexander Graham Munro Award from the RSW in 1997.

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Her oils and watercolours have been exhibited throughout the UK and Canada, including exhibitions at the following galleries:

The Bruton Gallery, Bath; The Kingfisher Gallery, Edinburgh; The Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh; The Piccadilly Gallery, London; Galerie Rochon, Toronto; The Thackeray Gallery, London; The Tolquhon Gallery, near Aberdeen; Stenton Gallery in East Lothian and The Royal Scottish Academy, in the annual exhibitions of the RSW, RSA and SAAC/VAS.

Recent critical reviews:

"lurk[ing] in your mind like a thriller" The Herald, 1998

"meticulous and metaphysically charged" Scotland on Sunday, 1998


"I work at creating simple, yet arresting images, which communicate on several different levels. By manipulating ‘objets trouvés’ and placing them together in an unexpected way, they're granted new meaning.

Realism lies at the heart of my technique and makes my images accessible and convincing, but this first impression is swiftly cast aside.

I am concerned with creating symbols which resonate on both a personal and a collective level - my aim is to make the ordinary seem extraordinary, in a subtle way."