Stenton Gallery

Stenton Gallery

Art galleries, as a rule, tend to be urban phenomena. If one does come across them in the depths of the countryside, it's more than likely that they will be dealing in images of the strictly huntin', shootin', fishin' variety. An exception is the Stenton Gallery, situated in a former pub in the heart of East Lothian.

What makes the gallery different is its consistency in giving wall space to art which is innovative, inspired and of high quality. Importantly, too, it is as far away from the expected as you could imagine.

What is now the Stenton Gallery opened in 1980 as the Macaulay Gallery, in what had been the Oak Inn in the conservation village of Stenton. From the first it championed contemporary Scottish art and was supported by such distinguished artists as Robin Philipson, Mary Armour, David Donaldson,John Houston and Alberto Morrocco.

In 1997 the current owner, Barbara Christie, took over the gallery and has continued to run it along the same lines, reflecting the vibrancy of contemporary Scottish art. Critical successes have included shows featuring abstract painter Campbell Sandilands and Annette Edgar's distinctive brand of painterliness..This month sees a joint show by Nael Hanna and MaggieVance.

"I like to think that we are approachable," says Christie."lt's important that people aren't intimidated … what makes the gallery unique is a combination of the location, the art and sheer hard work."

Stenton Gallery, tel: 01368 850 256.