Stenton Gallery - Stephen J Carruthers

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Stephen J Carruthers B.A.(Hons)

1979 - 1983 Glasgow School of Art, Drawing and Painting



1998 Stenton Gallery, East Lothian

1999 Green Gallery, Aberfoyle

1999 Eton Contemporary Fine Art, Eton

1999 Scottish Arts Club, Glasgow

1999 Glasgow Art Fair

1999 Chelsea Art Fair

2000 Eton Contemporary Fine Art, Eton

Feb 2000 Olympia Art Fair

Mar 2000 Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh

Sep 2000 Green Gallery, Aberfoyle

Oct 2000 The City Gallery, London

Feb 2001 Eton Contemporary Fine Art, Eton

Sep 2001 The City Gallery 2001

2002 Stenton Gallery, East Lothian


Elected Professional Member PAI

Elected Professional Member VAS

Currently President of VAS

Member of Council and Treasurer ESSA



Awarded the SAAC, Scottish Arts Club Award for Painting.


Feb 2002