Stenton Gallery


The Landings Gallery, with its London counterpart at Over-Seas House in St James's, is committed to showing artists from all parts of the Commonwealth. Their current exhibition is the intriguing work of Celia Washington, who although Scots-born, trained in London and has subsequently travelled extensively around the globe. Her evocatively coloured and boldly drawn figurative work, like that of many other Scottish artists, reflects a deep fascination in poetic psychological myth and symbolic legend with such titles as The Magician and In the middle of the Night.

The Stenton Gallery's artists are, on the other hand, more locally based, but nonetheless receptive to both national and international influences. This is shown clearly in the work on display in the Gallery's double exhibition of Ethel Walker and Campbell Sandilands. These two artists have their own distinctive and particular artistic identities which complement each other well. While Walker continues to work and develop in that illustrious tradition of expressive modern landscape painting which goes back to McTaggart through Joan Eardley, Sandilands draws his inspiration from a very different expressive source, Japanese brush calligraphy, and demonstrates his superb skills through a variety of different mediums, from ceramics to woodblock prints. At Stenton Gallery, in the seemingly quiet secluded East Lothian, the worlds of East and West meet.

Bill Hare

‘Galleries’, March 2002