Stenton Gallery - Patricia Sadler

Born 1946.
Studied at Edinburgh College of Art.
Taught Embroidery and Fabric Collage. Returned to painting after having a farnily. Now paints full time.
Solo exhibitions at: Stenton Gallery, East Lothian. Castlegate House Gallery, Cockermouth, Cumbria.
Mixed exhibitions at: Chatton Gallery, Northumberland. The Strathearn Gallery, Crieff.
Paintings in many private collections.
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I was born and brought up in Selkirk and I have lived in Berwickshire for over twenty years so the Borders is very much my home country. I love to explore its network of tiny roads, sketching and taking photographs, but my paintings are done at home in the studio from an accumulation and absorption of memories, lighting, moods and colours. My approach to painting is intuitive and the outcomes unpremeditated, my goal being to capture the essence of the subject and my emotional response to it. Working mainly in watercolour with the addition sometimes of pastels my inspiration comes from nature but not as a transcription. I also enjoy exploring new areas, and the landscapes of France, particularly Provence, have been another great source of inspiration over the years with the extraordinary lighting and colours there helping to refresh my palette. This is reinforced by my ever increasing interest in gardening which gives me a wonderful contrast of subject matter and helps to ensure I always approach my paintings with a fresh eye.