Stenton Gallery


Cross section of top Scottish art

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The Stenton Gallery exhibit in the Lloyds TSB Building in Edinburgh includes the work of 40 top Scottish artists.

An East Lothian art gallery has come to Edinburgh to display an excellent cross-section of Scottish contemporary art in a special Festival exhibition.

The Stenton Gallery, near East Linton, is showing the work of 40 top Scottish artists in the Lloyds TSB building on Edinburgh's George St until September 1st.

Gallery manager Barbara Christie said the exhibit features artists from all over the country ­ ranging from recent graduates such as Sarah Carrington and Lachlan Goudie to well-known artists such as Charlie McQueen, James Harrigan and Helen Turner.

Barbara said the gallery's Edinburgh exhibition was always a popular event due to the high quality of Scottish art work on show.

She said: 'Scotland is blessed with some fabulous talent ­ far more than we could ever show. It's great to see customers coming in off the street, some with no knowledge of Scottish art, and being struck by the high quality of exhibition.'

The gallery has also organised another unique exhibit at Edinburgh's Nexus Gallery in conjunction with the Japan 2001 festival.

Oya-ko shows the outstanding and abstract work of Japanese calligraphic artist Shingai Tanaka and Scots artist Campbell Sandilands.