Stenton Gallery

Willie Fulton

Born Glasgow.

Graduate of Edinburgh College of Art.

Lives and works in the Western Isles.


Artist’s Statement

I am concerned with light, space and moments in time as gained through life experience, and the spectacular environment of the Western Isles.



1968 - 369 Gallery, Edinburgh

1968 - McLellan Galleries, Glasgow

1976 - Greenock Arts Guild

1978 - present Grinneas Nan Eilean (annual Island exhibition)

2001 - ‘Spirit of Harris’, An Lanntair, Stornoway, Lewis

2002 - Stenton Gallery, East Lothian

2002 - RSA Summer Exhibition, McLellan Galleries, Glasgow

At Willie’s diploma show, Sydney Goodsir Smith said of his work:

"The most powerful and imaginative and in a way the most powerful painter in the show William Fulton whose queer, idiosyncratic and slightly sinister work prompts the remark: "Don’t change; carry on from here" - which of course is ridiculous. He is bound to change. It is sad to think that he may lose the searching poetic vision he undoubtedly portrays at the moment. Let us pray he doesn’t."

More recently,

"Willie Fulton’s eloquent and evocative paintings are homage to [his island home]. Articulated through a personal alphabet of symbols sourced from the environment, history and local culture, his vision of this unique place has insight, nuance and power."

Roddy Murray, Director, An Lanntair, Stornoway