Stenton Gallery - Artist Information


Liz Knox Sam MacDonald Pam Carter

Information on some of the artists who exhibit regularly at Stenton can be seen by clicking on the appropriate name below. Further pages will be added in due course.

Mairi Aitken

Sylvia Allen

B M Barclay

Muriel Barclay

Colin Brown

Ruth Brownlee

Stephen J Carruthers

Pam Carter

Alison Dunlop RSW

Annette Edgar

Willie Fulton

Anne Gordon

Nael Hanna

Lix Knox

John Lowrie

Sam MacDonald

Dugald MacInnes

Lynn McGregor RSW

Moira Maitland RSW

Neil Martin

Claudia Petretti

Elizabeth Reid

Patricia Sadler

Campbell Sandilands

Georg Scheele

Marie Scott

Wendy Sutherland

Shingai Tanaka

Blair Thomson

Helen M Turner

Maggie Vance

Ethel Walker

Tom Watt